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Umbilicus Maris on Bandcamp

Gydja’s Umbilicuis Maris was originally released on the Mystery Sea label in 2007. Long sold out, it is being made available on Reviews of the release can be found here: “Nec satis procul ab hoc de quo praemisimus litore, contra occidentalem partem, profundissima aquarum illa vorago est, quam usitato nomine maris umbilicum vocamus. Quae bis in die fluctus absorbere et rursum evomere dicitur, sicut per universa illa litora accedentibus ac recedentibus fluctibus celeritate nimia fieri comprobatur. Not very far from this shore of which we have spoken, towards the western side, on which the ocean main lies open without end, is that very deep abyss of waters which we call ‘the navel of the sea’. It is said

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Gydja on Bandcamp

There is now a Gydja page on bandcamp. The plan is to make most older releases available for download there. Rivers… from 2002 is the first to go up, with new artwork just for this reissue.   Gydja at Bandcamp Most releases will probably be available for koha; pay as little or as much as you like.  [bandcamp album=2312281093  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Gydja/Svartsinn collaboration on Cryo Chamber

Gydja and Svartsinn have contributed a collaborative track to the Behind the Canvas of Time compilation on Simon Heath’s 24bit digital label Cryo Chamber. The piece is called Terrenum Corpus and Cryo Chamber describes the compilation thusly: This compilation weaves a tale from the depths of the ancient gods, to the plains of our tribal formations, to the reconstruction of giant cities from our repressed memories. The evolution of our expanding mind inside our caskets of drooping flesh has never been told like this before. You have never heard these amazing acts in such lush detail, the dynamic range of this 24-bit release finally does these veteran producers justice.   Compilation – Behind the Canvas of Time by Cryo Chamber

Krtrima-sprha Compilation on Kalpamantra

Gydja is featured on a 75 track digital compilation from Kalpamantra. The track, Nubem de Obscura, sits along contributions from, amongst others, Kammarheit, Blood Box, Numina, Tenhornedbeast, Coph Nia, Clear Stream Temple, Antlers Mulm, New Risen Thrown and Herbst9. [bandcamp album=3202888926  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Heathen Harvest Samhain Sampler

Heathen Harvest has released an online compilation to celebrate Samhain, 2011. This features the Gydja track The Spirit of the Earth with Venom Intoxicate from Helchemy, making it quite a long compilation. Other artists include Nordvargr, Sleepchamber, the Legendary Pink Dots and Halgrath. It can be download from here. Press release follows: This sampler is the very first compilation album put together by the Heathen Harvest webzine. Throughout our years we have always been sure to bring you the most stimulating, original and capable artists from the post-industrial underground. Now we can share some more of what moves us directly with our readers. Our journalists have been hard at work choosing what they consider to be some of the most fitting

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The Blue-Lidded Daughter of Sunset

Available now from the Roil Noise label is The Blue-Lidded Daughter of Sunset, a split release between Gydja and Thee Girls Ov Ctephin. A celebration of the goddess Nuit, this features two long tracks, The Consciousness of the Continuity of Existence from Thee Girls Ov Ctephin and She Who Holds A Thousand Souls from Gydja. “Sing the rapturous love-song unto me! Burn to me perfumes! Wear to me jewels! Drink to me, for I love you! I love you! I am the blue-lidded daughter of Sunset; I am the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night-sky.” – Liber Al 1:63-64 Comes in a clear jewel case with rather pretty artwork by Abby Helasdottir.

Atmoworks Presents: Compiled

I’m very proud to announce a compilation just released on the AtmoWorks label features a new track by Gydja. The track, Noaide, is joined by contributions from Vir Unis, Bunk_Data, MjDawn, dreamState, Igneous Flame, Galactic Anthems, The Elf Machine, Interstitial, Steve Brand, Dr. Victor and Apne Sinn. Available from as both a download and as pro-pressed CDR. Label’s Press Release: AtmoWorks is proud to bring you a first in our label’s history; a compilation of AW and other highly respected ambient and electronic artists into one cohesive release that we like to call ‘AtmoWorks Presents: Compiled’. AtmoWorks owner Matt McDonough (MjDawn) had this to say about this new and exciting venue for the label. “We at AtmoWorks are very

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Helchemy released by AFE Records

Helchemy is a new full length Gydja release on AFE Records, the label of Andrea Marutti (Amon, Never Known). It features two 25 minute tracks: The Spirit of the Earth With Venom Intoxicate and The Black Sea, the Black Lune, the Black Soll. Helchemy is a title i’ve used and intended to use for work on and off over the last decade; initially recording a full, but unreleased, cassette-based work with that title way back in the late-nineties. I still have that cassette in the archives, but haven’t listened to it in years, and suffice to say, none of it made its way into this new Helchemy. Instead, this incarnation uses pieces of sound i’ve recorded over the last couple of

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Previous News

This is an archive of previous news entries from the older version of this website *Out now from the Gears of Sand label is a new full length release from Gydja. Machina Mundi deals with clockwork universes and other deterministic cosmologies and what happens to those world views when they fall out of favour. The label describes it as a listening experience that “brings to mind vast images of an entire floating planet– translucent like a post-industrial snowglobe–revealing intricate machines, plant life, and weather systems moving apart, together, in a strange otherworldly ballet.” The Gydja page at Myspace has an excerpt from the title track and more samples are available at the CD Baby page *Belgium’s increasingly collectible Mystery Sea

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