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Gydja’s Umbilicuis Maris was originally released on the Mystery Sea label in 2007. Long sold out, it is being made available on

Reviews of the release can be found here:

“Nec satis procul ab hoc de quo praemisimus litore, contra occidentalem partem, profundissima aquarum illa vorago est, quam usitato nomine maris umbilicum vocamus. Quae bis in die fluctus absorbere et rursum evomere dicitur, sicut per universa illa litora accedentibus ac recedentibus fluctibus celeritate nimia fieri comprobatur.

Not very far from this shore of which we have spoken, towards the western side, on which the ocean main lies open without end, is that very deep abyss of waters which we call ‘the navel of the sea’. It is said twice a day to suck the waves into itself and spew them out again.”

– Paulus Diaconus (Historia gentis Langobardorum)

Gydja Koha Policy:
Because of the age of this work, this album is being made available free to download. Please feel free to make a koha as a mark of your appreciation.

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