ÁR VAR ALDA: Released on Dutch label Winter-Light, an exploration of the opening moments of the cosmos as detailed in Norse mythology.

DRONE-MIND/MIND-DRONE 5: The fifth volume in Drone Record’s vinyl-only series, this time with Gydja alongside Clade, Monocube and Yrsel.

APSINTHION: A collaboration album by Gydja and Emme Ya, released on Sirius Limited Esoterica.

THE BLUE-LIDDED DAUGHTER OF SUNSET: A split release between Gydja and Thee Girls Ov Ctephin released on the Roil Noise label. A celebration of the goddess Nuit, this features two long tracks, The Consciousness of the Continuity of Existence from Thee Girls Ov Ctephin and She Who Holds A Thousand Souls from Gydja.

HELCHEMY: Two long tracks released by Italian label AFE. The title is a portmanteau of alchemy and Hela, the Germanic goddess of the dead and as such, explores the way in which imagery overlaps between the two.

MACHINA MUNDI: Released on the Gears of Sand label, this collection of tracks considers the theory of a deterministic universe and what happens when this paradigmatic clock stops working.

UMBILICUS MARIS: Released on Beligum’s Mystery Sea label, this set of five tracks explores the idea of gurges mirabilis that provide a gateway into the underworld. Limited to 100 individually numbered copies with artwork created by Mystery Sea founder Chalkdc.

MA-MO RBAD GTONG: A collaboration with Austrian musician Marufura Fufunjiru, exploring the four orders of Wrathful Goddesses encountered by the soul in the Bardo Thödol, or Tibetan Book of the Dead. The tracks bear the names of each of these orders: Eight Kerimas, Eight Htamenmas, Four Female Door-keepers, and Twenty-eight Herukas. Released on Maru’s No Cords label.

CORPUS CALLOSUM: A four track collaboration between Gydja and Aidan Baker, inspired by the cover image of brain activity. Released by Kolorform Records. I am still waiting for my copies.

COLD SEED (HAGALAZ MEDITATION): Part of the series of ritual music being released by Gydja and Shadowlight that began with Rokkrsong and was followed by Liber Babalon. Cold Seed is a single 79 minute piece of drifting cold and minimalist ambience, created tp assist meditations on Hela’s eighth rune of Hagalaz. (rokkr011)

RIVERS….: A suite of seven electro-acoustic pieces employing granular synthesis, and exploring the idea of rivers as division between worlds. Rivers… sees Gydja moving momentatrily away from ritual music and dark ambient, and into the field of computer based composition. Despite the change in musical style, the theme remains one of esoteric significance. (rokkr010)

LIBER BABALON: A double disc release, pressed on black CDRs, with professionally printed and hand-numbered packaging. Limited to 156 copies, Liber Babalon is a celebration of the dark goddess Babalon through ritual and dark ambient music, with much of the material comprised of sounds derived from readings of texts associated with Babalon. Twenty tracks in all, with almost two and a half hours of music. (rokkr004)

SENNARI-BYOTAN (THE OSAKA REMIXES): Not a true release but rather an archival record of a series of tracks based on a field recording from an arcade in Osaka, Japan. A combination of dark ambient punctuated with tracks of sometimes harsh and shrill noise. Reinterpretations of the source material was done as part of a remix project initiated by Foton Records. Six tracks. CDR release. (rokkr003)

THE ECHOES FADE EACH SEASON AND RETURN (The Unwoman Remixes): As part of the first annual Unwoman remix competition, Gydja went beyond the call of duty, took more than ten songs from Unwoman’s discography and remixed and reinterpreted them. The resulting tracks are a mixture of dark ambient and minimalist abstraction. Ten tracks. CDR release. (rokkr002)

ROKKRSONG: Originally released on cassette in 1997 as the audio companion to The Rokkrbok, Rokkrsong features just two tracks: a guided pathworking and an hermetic soundscape for shamanic workings. Rokkrsong was remastered and made available on CDR format. Two tracks. (rokkr001)


Dagon (Cryo Chamber, 2021) as a member of A Cryo Chamber Collaboration
Decennium (Noctivagant 2021)
Psi-Solation +1 – A Global Compilation Of Music Made In Lockdown (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2021)

Psi-Solation – A Global Compilation Of Music Made Exactly One Year After COVD-19 Lockdowns (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2020)

Hastur (Cryo Chamber, 2019) as a member of A Cryo Chamber Collaboration
Vol.2 Nothingness (This is Darkness, 2019)

Endless Endless v.7 (Audiobulb, 2018)
Shub-Niggurath (Cryo Chamber, 2018) as a member of A Cryo Chamber Collaboration

…That First Season (Winter-Light, 2017)
F.Y.E.O. – Selected Frequencies Volume II (Reverse Alignment, 2017)
Vol. 1: Dark Ambient (This is Darkness, 2017)
Yog-Sothoth (Cryo Chamber, 2017) as a member of A Cryo Chamber Collaboration

Eudoxus (Kalpamantra 2016)
Nyarlathotep (Cryo Chamber, 2016) as a member of A Cryo Chamber Collaboration
Terra Relicta Presents: Vol. I Dark Ambient (Terra Relicta, 2016)

MITRA: Music for Nepal

Behind The Canvas Of Time (Cryo Chamber, 2013) in collaboration with Svartsinn

Atmoworks Presents: Compiled (Atmoworks, 2009)

Echoes of Polyhymnia (Hypnos, 2008)

Interbreeding VIII: Kuru DCD (BLC Productions, 2007)

CT Poem (CT Collective, 2006)
CT Film (CT Collective, 2006)
The Loneliest Link In A Very Strange Chain CD + CDR (Else Product, 2006)
Aural:Mechanism (Dyschordia) CDR (Else Product, 2006)
Interbreeding VIII: Elements of Violence DCD (BLC Productions, 2006)
Women Take Back The Noise 3 CD (Ubuibi, 2006)

Sonic Visions of Middle Earth (Foreshadow Productions, 2005)
anotherGIZYA (Liquid Sphere, 2005)
Liber Al vel Legis DCD (HORUS CyclicDaemon, 2005)

CT Location Volume 2 (Ribosome Music, 2004)
Of Spectres …and Saints (Else Product, 2004)
Silk Milk Magazine CD/Magazine (Silk Milk, 2004)
Hidden Landscape : Lake Vostok (Dreamland Recordings, 2004)

CT Percussion (CT Collective, 2003)
Recovered Patience DCD (Chmafu Nocords, 2003)
An Eloquent Mass: Experiments in Sound v1 DCD (Kolorform, 2003)
Tensile: International Experimental Acoustic Guitar Anthology CD (Jim Sande, 2003)

You’re All Over The Map: Putting flesh on the bones of the dirty work (Bai Mei Guei Wang, 2002)
Teddy Bear Remix Project 4-CD Boxset (AFE Records, 2002)
60″ Somewhere/60″ Somewhere Else Double 3″ CDRS (Throat.org, 2002)
Cadavres Sonique (Vial/AMR, 2002)
Phonography.org: Compositions Using Field Recordings 2 (Phonography.org, 2002)
Stalking Shekinah (Bai Mei Guei Wang, 2002)
El-Tafkerra: Remixs in Remembrance of Muslimgauze (El-Tafkerra, 2002)
I-Celestial-Insect Double CD (DoctSect Media, 2002)
Anno Domini 2002 (Zaftig Research, 2002)

The Darkness Gathering Promotional CDR (Mediatrix, 2001)


Svartsinn: Traces of Nothingness (Cyclic Law, 2021),  Remix of No Passage to the Innermost by Gydja

Worms of the Earth: Anagami (Redux) (2018),  Hidden track ‘Keepers Of The Temple Flame’ remixed/reworked by Gydja

Ouroboros: Colcothar EP (2014), ‘Helismidan’ remixed by Gydja

The Glimmer Room: 2 Up, 2 Down CD EP (The Glimmer Room Music, 2002), ‘Tomorrow’s Tuesday’ remixed by Gydja