New Gydja album released by Winter-Light

We are pleased to return to Winter-Light with the latest Gydja album, Þjóðáar Fnæstu Eitri. This new album continues the journey that began in Ar var Alda with its depiction of cosmic creation within the vast primordial void of Ginnungagap. Now the focus turns to Élivágar, the great eleven-fold river whose venomous waters flowed into the void in that moment of cosmological nascency, and would continue to make their way through the underworld after the establishment of the universe. These eleven Þjóðáar Fnæstu Eitri (‘mighty streams, spewing venom’) act as markers of liminality and initiation, dividing zones of both geography and experience, and bearing names that define their transformative characteristics: Leiptr (lightning), Fimbulþul (mighty mumbler), Gjöll (resounding), Fjörm (hurrying), Sliðr (terrible),

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A Gydja interview and Arcanum Vol. I compilation

Gydja are featured on Arcanum Vol. I, a double disc release from new label Arcane Dirge who are making a statement of intent with a lineup that also includes Raison d’être, Gnawed, Empusae, Aetherium Nebula, New Risen Throne, Ansiktsløs , Apocryphos, Subverge, Disvoid, Flint Glass, Access To Arasaka, Seven Trees, Meipr, The Vomit Arsonist, and Theologian. Available in limited 2CD 6-panel digipak or digital.  Arcane Dirge’s website also features a lovely little Gydja interview.

New Gydja album, Ár var alda, available on Winter-Light

We are thrilled to announce that the latest Gydja album, Ár var alda, is now available from the wonderful Winter-Light label. Mastered by Robin Storey of Rapoon, Ár var alda is presented in both digital download and CD format, packaged in a six panel digipak with artwork by Midnight Sun Studio. Ár var alda is a simultaneously chthonic and celestial exploration of the opening moments of creation in Norse cosmology, as described in Völuspá and Vafþrúðnismál, envisioned as a suite of nine Rökkr ambient tracks spread across four movements. Winter-Light describes it as an album of deep, primordial dark ambient consisting of thick, expansive drones, woven through with intricate percussive elements, unearthly vocals and atmospheric field recordings. Ár var alda

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Gydja contributes remix to Svartsinn reissue

Svartsinn’s classic album Traces of Nothingness has just been reissued on CD and vinyl by Cyclic Law and we’re happy to be included on this incarnation of a landmark release with a Gydja remix of No Passage To The Innermost, sitting alongside remixes by Lamia Vox, Triarii and Letum. Available as digital download, digipak CD, standard black vinyl, special grey and black marbled vinyl from Cyclic Law’s bandcamp, and also, via Autarkeia, on high quality cassette. ??Traces Of Nothingness by SVARTSINN

Gydja’s Drone-Mind/Mind-Drone

We are proud to be part of Drone Records’ vinyl series Drone-Mind/Mind-Drone, with Gydja’s Gjallarbru joining contributions from Clade, Monocube and Yrsel. The release is on solid silver coloured vinyl, with graphic design by Abby Helasdottir, using two paintings by British painter Pete Greening; limited ed. of 400 copies. Gjallarbru is something of a cyclic track in that it plays on themes that have always been at the forefront of Gydja’s music: liminality, divisions between worlds, the journey rather than the destination. Indeed, one of the first Gydja compositions, recorded to cassette tape from an old Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard (and probably sounding awful now), was called View from Gjallarbru. None of the sounds from that track were recycled into this

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Musings on Apsinthion

Edgar Kerval and I had discussed collaborating on a musical project for several years before we finally brought Emme Ya and Gydja together. Despite this gestation, the theme (for dark ambient must always have a theme) was one that eluded us. Given some of the concepts considered by both Gydja and Emme Ya, a Babalonian motif seemed appropriate, but since I had recorded a whole double CD worth of Babalon-inspired material several years ago, this felt like it would be a retread, a wearing of the material that could leave it a little thin. Eventually, after much contemplation, I had a realisation: Marjorie Cameron. For as long as I have explored magick, Cameron has had a place, often flitting on

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Ouroboros remix by Gydja

Out now on Neve is the Colcothar EP by the Italian dark ambient act Ouroboros. It features five tracks by Ouroboros and remixes by Emme Ya and Gydja. Seven tracks in all of rather lovely dark ambient with the occasional neoclassical touch. The sixth track, Anthos, is remixed by Emme Ya while the final track Helismidan, is remixed by Gydja.