Heathen Harvest Samhain Sampler

Heathen Harvest has released an online compilation to celebrate Samhain, 2011. This features the Gydja track The Spirit of the Earth with Venom Intoxicate from Helchemy, making it quite a long compilation. Other artists include Nordvargr, Sleepchamber, the Legendary Pink Dots and Halgrath. It can be download from here.

Press release follows:

This sampler is the very first compilation album put together by the Heathen Harvest webzine. Throughout our years we have always been sure to bring you the most stimulating, original and capable artists from the post-industrial underground. Now we can share some more of what moves us directly with our readers. Our journalists have been hard at work choosing what they consider to be some of the most fitting music at this important turn of the Wheel.

The Heathen Harvest Samhain Sampler is a selection of some of the most emotional music to cross our paths recently, as well as some select favourites from years past. The music herein was chosen to adhere to conventional concepts of darkness, in addition to presenting the more challenging, unconventional interpretations. We hope you enjoy this aural voyage of two hours through the underground musical domain.


Dedication I

1. Seven Morgues – Frames
2. Sky Burial – The Equine Knocks [exclusive]
3. Nordvargr – Hascimh
4. Halgrath – Deep Underwater Darkest Tale
5. Gydja – The Spirit of the Earth with Venom Intoxicate
6. :Golgatha: – Rising
7. Triangular Ascension – Dimensional Warp
8. 156 – Horse Drawn Carnage

Dedication II

1. Progenie Terrestre Pura – Progenie Terrestre Pura
2. Regul – Jarym Ognem Nebo Gorit
3. Seuchensturm – Paranoiamaschine
4. Moon – Monastery
5. David Galas – The End Is Always Closer
6. Kinit Her – Walless
7. Cult of Youth – New West
8. Art Abscons – Rune
9. Sleepchamber – Nightsuit
10. The Legendary Pink Dots – Torchsong