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EL TAFKEERA: Full double cd tribute to Muslimgauze available for download; includes cover art and cd labels, as well as a third disc worth of additional material. Contributing artists include Liquid Sphere, PBK, Temp Sound Solutions, Tietzel, Durtro, C. Reider, rENeggaeD square_wave, and of course, Gydja, with two tracks Khashkhash and Abu el Noom (plus an additional track The Girl Who Dreams With Persian Tulips).

RADIANTSLAB.COM: hosts remixes projects featuring material by Gydja. Deadscii, which includes the Gydja piece Data Ocean; and Jazzz, which features the Gydja pieces Underwater Cello and Monsoon.

MICROSOUND.ORG: hosts the Bufferfuct, John Watermann Microsound Memorial, Stone and Ripple, Pi, and City of the Future remix projects, all featuring contributions from Gydja. These pieces are, respectively, Zone, Trojan Man Hewn, Naka Ishi, Pi-Lon, and Distopia.

SHADOWLIGHT: To learn more about the themes behind much of Gydja’s material, visit the Shadowlight website. An exhaustive exploration of Hela, the Rökkr, and various other Dark Goddess-related matters.

SHADOWLIGHT- MAILING LIST: Announcement and discussion list for Gydja and other artists affiliated with Shadowlight Kommunikations.  

AIDAN BAKER: Canadian musician and writer who turns up in many of the same places Gydja does. Released the Corpus Callossum split ep with Gydja.

THE BLUE HOUR: Folk noire and dark ambient project, whose second album features a track with additional dark ambient textures provided by Gydja.

CLEAR STREAM TEMPLE: Militant industrial formation with an album available on Cold Spring Records. Compared to Laibach, Muslimgauze, and Turbund Sturmwerk. Listen to Clear Stream Temple mp3s here.

DARK MUSE: One womyn dream project, creating lush and ethereal soundscapes. Collaborating with Gydja on a forthcoming release.

THE MAGDALENE: Dancer and performance artist who has collaborated with Abby in her guises as Gydja, Torture By Roses, and Clear Stream Temple. The Magdalene appears as the eponymous character of Torture By Roses’ Ignus Spiritus: Liber Magdalena, and as all eight goddesses in Gydja’s forthcoming Clothed in Shadow multimedia cycle.

JORDAN REYNE:Collaborator and vocalist on the forthcoming Clothed in Shadow series of dark goddess songs and films.

TORTURE BY ROSES: Sister project to Gydja, but with a more specific and limited scope. Sacrasexual dark ambient concerning itself with the thinning of the veils between sexuality, gender, and the religious experience. Listen to various Torture By Roses mp3s by clicking here

UNWOMAN: Creator of source material for The Echoes Fade Each Season and Return. Unwoman also contributed vocals to the Thunder, Perfect Mind segments of Liber Babalon.

BLC PRODUCTIONS: Industrial/EBM label whose releases include the Interbreeding compilation series. Volumes VIII and IX feature tracks from Gydja.

CHMAFU NOCORDS: Austrian non-profit label that specializes in anti-specialization. Released the Recovered Patience double cd of remixes of Maru’s Patience album, which includes two remixes by Gydja.

COLD SPRING RECORDS: Leading industrial, noise, dark and black ambient label, with releases from Kerovnian, Toroidh, Psychic TV, Band of Pain, as well as Clear Stream Temple’s album XVI.

DREAMLAND RECORDINGS: Australian label that released the Hidden Landscape: Lake Vostok compilation, featuring tracks from Gydja and others, including Aidan Baker, Ellende, and Wilt.

FORESHADOW PRODUCTIONS: Polish label that released Sonic Visions of Middle Earth, a Tolkien-themed compilation, featuring tracks from Gydja and others, including Aidan Baker, As All Die, and Leviathan.

GEARS OF SAND: Label of Ben Fleury-Steiner, responsible for releasing the Gydja work Machina Mundi.

GLASS THROAT RECORDINGS: Home to Ruhr Hunter, whose gorgeously packaged releases include collaborations with Chaos As Shelter and Gruntsplatter, as well as solo works.

HORUS CyclicDaemon: Czech label releasing high quality, magickally-themed compilations, including a Liber Al double CD on which Gydja appears with the track By A Secret Name.

MYSTERY SEA: Small-scale Belgium label devoted to releasing beautifully packaged editions limited to 100 copies. Artists include Troum, Ultrasound, Wilt, Rapoon, Mnortham, Oöphoi, Aidan Baker, and Gydja.

THE WHITE ROSE NETWORK: Released the You’re All Over The Map: Putting flesh on the bones of the dirty work and Stalking Shekinah compilations, featuring tracks from Gydja and others, including Chaos as Shelter, Kim Cascone, Formatt, Unwoman, Dark Muse, etc.

ZAFTIG RESEARCH: Noise label that is home to Stolen Light and Goose, and which annually releases a Christmas compilation of noise and experimental tracks. The 2002 edition of the compilation features a contribution from Gydja; and one from Solanas, while the 2003 edition features just Solanas.